"I got to know and appreciate Ron Hendricks in 2014. His creative spirit, as well as his years of experience in health care, were a valuable support in our mission to rethink hospitals. Ron Hendricks' ideas are characterized by high practicality and fast, successful implementation. The focus is always on patient safety and economic efficiency. The implementation of a central capacity management, based on his designs, was developed and promoted by him. Ron Hendricks has an enviable motivating talent. Working with him is characterized by success and joy. "

David-Ruben Thies, director Waldkliniken Eisenberg GmbH, Eisenberg (D)


"Ron Hendricks has convinced us with his theories, analysis and arguments (and with great charm) that the new development and optimization of hospital processes and planning is not only good for our patients and our employees, but also brings tremendous efficiency-gains. For these new optimized processes and planning, no recurring consulting is required. The necessary theories and methods are taught quickly and easy. I have rarely experienced that change processes can give so much pleasure!"

Toren Böhnel, capacity manager Katholisches Klinikum Mainz, (D) 2018. 


“Years ago, I got to know Peter Bouwels as an interim manager with a creative mind and a committed attitude towards the hospital organization.
Active in developing and implementing new ideas and plans, and focused on results.
In addition to these qualities, he also has a great sense of humor and is involved with the people who have to undergo the changes.”

Kees Olthof, anesthetist, Isala Klinieken, Zwolle, NL


"Ron Hendricks inspired us with his passion. His passion is based on his unique experience coupled with a high level of expertise in healthcare. He has been able to provide our hospital much food for thought. That did us good."

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Alex Blaicher MBA, Managing Director Gross-Sand Hospital Hamburg 2018


"Ron Hendricks has been a speaker on the topics of efficient planning, organization and new construction of health facilities for many years. He enthuses our participants as a competent and eloquent speaker. The feedbacks are regularly: "super", "very competent", "lively", "very interesting", and "impressive". He presents innovative solutions and helps them to be implemented in both large and small facilities. We hear from our customers that his advice and dedication have lead to enormous savings in terms of quality and employee satisfaction

Dr. Sylvia Blezinger, Owner BLEZINGER Healthcare, Weggis (CH)


"Alex de Block has, over a longer period of years, contributed his expertise successfully to several OR and SD projects for the Máxima Medical Centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
His practical expertise and innovative way of working were particularly appreciated at both locations of our organisation".

L.C.M.F. Prinsen MBA-H, Programme Manager | Real Estate & Housing

Ing. A.H.C. Salters, Sector Manager Building & Engineering | Real estate & housing

Máxima Medical Centre, Eindhoven/Veldhoven, The Netherlands


"Ron Hendricks has been supporting us for many years as an innovative hospital planner in the planning of health care buildings. He is an innovative member of the team in the competitive phase, as well as in the implementation phase of a healthcare assignment, who knows how to solve complex circumstances with simple means and words The results are convincing and sustainable, and his nursing background makes it easy for him to recognize the weaknesses in a healthcare system and design and makes to find a solution to a challenge, he knows the past in healthcare and can therefore also show and accompany the future of healthcare and its concepts. "

Christoph Kaech - fsp Architekten, Spreitenbach CH

Owner - Head of HealthLab - Managemt Heatlh Care

Dipl. Architect ETH / SIA


"Ron Hendricks gave us strong support in 2018 in planning the expansion of the clinic.
In his competent and uncomplicated way, he has tested and enriched our plans with innovative and sometimes unconventional ideas.
With a lot of humor and pragmatism, Ron always managed to deal with critical remarks and with that he made us take a big step forward with our plans in a very short time".

Med. Dr. Rafael Wyser
New construction project leader Hirslanden clinics Aarau (CH)


"Ron Hendricks visited the Galway Clinic, Ireland and provided us with terrific insights on how to optimise our hospital. Ron has a vast amount of experience, and as a qualified practitioner his perspective comes from real experience. We found Ron to be hardworking and honest. Ron spent several weeks on the ground in our hospital during which he gained the trust of the team while challenging them in a respectful manner. Ron made a significantly positive impact on the hospital and the patients we serve."

Mark Sheehan
Managing Director
(Former Manager of the Galway Clincs)
Resonance Medical Limited
Email: marksheehan@resonancemedical.ie
Website: www.resonancemedical.ie


"ORTEC Healthcare has worked more frequently and satisfactorily with Ron Hendricks in the area of Personnel Planning in the last 10 years. That started when Ron was still working at ORBIS Medical Center as manager of the operating rooms, nursing center and laboratories and continued when he started for himself. His knowledge and innovative ideas about the integrated planning of Patients, Capacities and Personnel, as well as his innovative view on flexible deployment of Personnel and working hours provides health care organizations with the methods and tools to use their resources in a smarter and more efficient way in order to maximize profits. for their organization ".

Willem-Jan Verhoef, Director ORTEC Healthcare





Solino Alterswohnungen & Pflegeheim, Boswil, CH

QuickScan carried out at Solino retirement and nursing home, Boswil, CH

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