Lean work & manage

Lean work & manage

All our services offered are basically based on the basic lean work & manage principles:

  • as an organization, visualize the wishes and perceptions of the client / patient
  • map the sense and purpose of activities in your processes and eliminate waste
  • create a continuous flow of patients, process, product or service
  • do not plan production if the previous step in the process does not require this
  • create a continuous culture of improvement

In short, deploy your staff in a team in such a way that you create as much value as possible for the customer. It leads to a more efficient organization with consistent quality and performance and a higher profitability.
To enter a change process, thinking patterns and a cultural change will be necessary. Your organization must be given the capacity to be involved with change management. This requires good training and professional guidance. In order to lean work & manage to be truly successful in the workplace en route to Operational Excellence, we also place extra emphasis on:

  • Residential management: the strength of this lies in the fact that jointly made agreements about working methods and process/ working structure are protocoled in such a way that behavior other than agreed upon is noticeable. (The principle is based on the fact that everyone should behave in a residential area / workplace in accordance with the previously agreed rules, whereby deviant behavior is immediately noticeable and one can and may correct each other.
  • Front line management and result-oriented management: clarity in assignment, role, task and responsibility, whereby the employee and the team are the owners of the implementation and the result.
  • Empowerment: work and work performance are traceable to the individual level, whereby the employee can give substance to the intended result within the assignment. Good performance is striking, and the experiences are more easily shared. In addition, employees are given an important role and influence on the continuous improvement of the work process. Major advantages: a learning and developing organization with a "compliment culture" is created naturally, this is experienced by employees as very positive and motivating.

The Dutch Healthcare Society Experts can challenge and support your teams to make Lean work and management possible within your organization and to guide them in such a way that they themselves take responsibility for being able and willing to change. We like to challenge your team with a mindset presentation about "Lean thinking, working and managing", aiming for: thinking differently about their own work.

A greater result can be achieved with a Lean course in which focused homework assignments concerning their own practice are carried out and supported.

If desired, we also guide you through the implementation.

A practical example of our approach at a nursing ward: The presentation "Lean thinking and working" ensures a great deal of recognition and, above all, encourages thinking along. The central question is: "why do we do things the way we do?",  (for this the work structure research can be very helpful). Hereby we challenge the participants to let go of habits and self-evident things (1/2 Day). Subsequently, everyone's role, task, responsibility and burden are mapped in the team (1 day). The results of the current situation are evaluated and processes are redesigned together with the managers and employees (½ day). After explanation and instruction of the new agreements, the implementation of the new agreements is started in practice and the "Plan- Do-Check-Act cycle ": first daily and later weekly evaluations.

As an extra, we also offer guidelines for this cycle that you can use yourself to continuously improve and make it self-evident within your teams. The team owns their own results and will be self-regulating.