PCP Model

PCP Model

With the PCP model we can carry out a quick and concrete check of your performance level of scheduling your Patients, Capacities and Personnel at department level, but also for the entire process of a department.

The PCP model helps you to quickly gain insight into whether your standards (and planning method) of your staff are in balance with the supply of patients and capacity allocation.

The tool is extremely suitable for correctly executing your budget allocation for personnel and capacities, geared to your target agreements on numbers of patients to be treated / nursed.

The use of the PCP tool always has a high return regarding to the total personnel hours per year (on average 7-9%); these "freed" hours can be used for: reducing workload, increasing staff standards and, if desired, saving personnel and capacities

Latest news:
Our Society Expert Ron Hendricks Mha is currently working with AGFA Healthcare GmbH to develop the unique PCP tool to fully automate this optimal capacity management and planning approach.

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