Blezinger Healthcare

BLEZINGER Healthcare

Blezinger Healthcare is known throughout the DACH region for high-quality healthcare services and supports the Dutch Healthcare Society in the following areas:

  • Project Mediation, Services (BLEZINGER Healthcare | Services),
  • Personal consultancy (BLEZINGER Healthcare | Recruitment & Selection)
  • Knowledge and expertise Exchange (BLEZINGER Healthcare | Academy).

BLEZINGER Healthcare | Services are offers you general services.

  • Are you looking for support with project acquisition?
  • Do you want to visit a specific hospital individually with your management?
  • You schedule an event or coaching exclusively for your employees.
  • Are you looking for suitable experts for your projects?

BLEZINGER Healthcare | Recruitment and selection uses experience and a large network for the right services.
With BLEZINGER Healthcare (also in collaboration with the Dutch Healthcare Society) you have a reliable and good network partner in the search for knowledge, people and solutions for your institution.

BLEZINGER Healthcare | Academy promotes the international exchange of knowledge and experience.
Study trips visit breakthrough hospitals throughout Europe and discuss new ideas with local strategic managers, users and colleagues. Future developments and the current state of knowledge will be presented and discussed at regular conferences and seminars in Switzerland and in Germany by qualified experts.

Interested and would you like more information?

Please contact us directly or: BLEZINGER Healthcare: