« Cirkel of 5: a new method and tool for your new Hospital»

Published on 09-01-2019

The Circle of 5 is a method that aims to gain a total insight into all aspects that play a role in new construction projects.

The aim of the Circle of 5 is to gain insight as quickly as possible into what the actual customer wishes are, priority is, depending on of each other and which design and design criteria (and in which form) are important; this is also the input for a master plan for new construction to be established

The Circle of 5 helps to gather all positions, insights, required knowledge and expertise on new building plans faster, thus reducing the throughput time of all preparatory projects and increasing the quality of input for Architects offices.

Fsp Architekten (Spreitenbach, CH), Company Faktor (Winterthur, CH) and D4DACH (Maastricht, NL) have signed a partnership to develop the method in the coming months as a digital tool that can quickly map out all aspects: - process re-design (BPR) - space program - logistics design, connecting roads and zones - design requirements - working methods (lean) - Project structure - Master planning.

The biggest advantages are: enormous time savings in all preparatory processes, improved qualitative input, more participants from the organization who can participate, better insights in advance of all aspects that play a role in Architecture/Construction