Society Expert Staff planning

Staff planning

Dutch Healthcare Society Expert Ron Hendricks Mha specializes in the complex subject matter of optimal staff planning and policy, and has more than 25 years of experience on this subject.
His vision on staff planning is exceptional, he works with annual schedules in accordance with annual contract hours and knows all the tips and tricks regarding to healthy scheduling.
With his method of planning, he has developed methods whereby the employees from your primary process only need to be flexible for 3.5% of their employment contract and there is much less accrual of overtime hours (so less hassle with overtime hours). This allows the continuity of the work and availability of staff to be better guaranteed.

Ron Hendricks Mha has a proven track record; practice shows that his approach to personnel planning leads to a significant reduction in the sickness absence rates and a higher remuneration percentage of the wishes of the employees.
And, not unimportant for employees in the primary processes: planning differently means that every employee can be guaranteed 3 weeks of summer vacation including the 4 corresponding weekends (23 consecutive days off), and a better balance between work and private life is achieved. This is important for employee satisfaction and being an attractive employer.

Ron Hendricks Mha can, in its unique way, make a very good contribution to start thinking differently about staff planning, all associated “game rules”, organizational structure and methods that are required for successful planning. His support can take place in various ways:

  • A 2-day "Master class personnel planning" that in these 2 days will lead to a concrete proposal or concept plan of approach for optimization of personnel management and planning
  • Making an action plan and all substantively required matters that belong to it, such as a planning statute, the "new" flexible employee planning, overtime policy etc.
  • Project support and guidance
  • Training of planning officers and HR employees