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Society Expert Ron Hendricks Mha has been working in healthcare institutions for 43 years, of which 38 years in 3 hospital institutions (including 2 new-build hospitals). During this period he worked as a senior manager for almost 24 years within almost all hospital divisions and specialties.
Since 6 years he has his own consultancy agency: Ron Hendricks Consulting and D4DACH. Ron has conducted > 25 years of very intensive data analysis in hospitals and care institutions with the aim of realizing process and planning optimization. In 1992, he was one of the first in the Netherlands to start developing and applying integrated capacity management at operational level.

After many years of experience, he presented in 2006 his "industrialization of Healthcare" principle, focusing on setting up and planning a patient process based on "supply chain principles", whereby he was able to realize the integral planning of Patients-Capacities-Personnel. Currently his methods are still innovative, and the results impressive: with the same number of patients per year: 

  • > 9% staff costs reduction* (while maintaining the same standard) and:
  • 11-20% capacity saving* (depending on which business unit it concerns),

* based on > 500 cases!

Ron is not a standard consultant but a "knowledge and experience provider" who guides your people in the planned preparation phase and realization of "Integrated Capacity Management".

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