Capacity management easy?»

Published on 08-11-2018

Capacity management easy?

Many organizations indicate that they already apply capacity management in their organization, the question is whether this is the case? Often beautiful planning and Business Controlling IT tools are purchased, which is often forgotten, however, that when one wants to achieve a high return with integral capacity management and planning, drivers must realize that all tools that are available are "only" supportive to this. reach the goal.

Capacity management is so called "a way of life", a very successful corporate philosophy and it requires preparation and project planning. With this new business philosophy, politics and resistance play an influential role, capacity management also requires a number of organizational changes, the latter can be implemented relatively quickly. because the adjustments required by form, time and place and not content need to be changed. Without decision and policy from a strategic level: no capacity management in your organization.

To ensure successful implementation of capacity management, D4DACH-Dutch Healthcare Society has developed a successful program. Before starting, two Mindset days are organized with the representatives in your organization, comparing your current situation with the revenues that are there for your organization with integral capacity management and planning; This immediately has a positive and effective influence on your decision-making process. Objective: provide information about the opportunities and opportunities and returns that are available in addition to providing all background information to speed up the decision-making process. You then have the choice: "we do the rest ourselves" or: the Dutch Healthcare Society carries out a QuickScan that shows your current and ideal situation very concretely, from experience of > 500 cases it is efficiency of this QuickScan high:

  • Almost always Approx. 9% staff in the budget that can be used to fill shortages in occupational requirements, to create time for patient care, to work on quality and safety or, if desired, to implement a cut without lowering the current standard of staff.
  • Capacity management delivers free capacities for your patients: usually 11% - 20%, great revenues are often within treatment and nursing capacities.

The QuickScan is provided with not only the current and future equation, but also where, when and under what conditions conditions can be achieved, this is provided to you by means of a prioritized activity overview and "Milestone" proposal.

The QuickScan is recommended at all times if you are contemplating renovation and / or new construction plans, partly because it gives you clear insight into the required new-build capacity. (see also: New building program: Mindset, QuickScan, Circle or 5) The QuickScan includes data analyzes, process analyzes, Planning research (root cause analysis) staff interviews, strategy review, building plans reviews. In our recommendations we always offer you various scenarios, so that you, your options increased. The QuickScan always provides you with improvement proposals that always lead to cost reduction and performance optimization; In addition, a QuickScan concretely improves your input that is required for new or renovation plans. The latter reduces the continuous changes to the building plans, saving time and money.

What does Integral Capacity Management and Planning provide you with?

  • Attractive employership and employee satisfaction
  • Acceleration of the patient process (patient path)
  • Substantial reduction of required OR time and beds
  • Business in control: Improved Business Controlling to control the primary process
  • Increasing the planning level and a significant reduction of the many ad hoc corrections
  • Proactive management and reduction of ad hoc management
  • Target achievement according to budget
  • Shorter waiting and access times
  • Reduction in incoming emergency patients
  • Time for your patients (increase of service, quality and safety)
  • Improved insights and input program of requirements for new construction plans

If you would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to inform you.