Competence Expert Sterilization Department

Competence Expert Alex de Block is an experienced expert in the field of operating rooms, sterilization departments, Scope Cleaning and Disinfection Department (SCDD) and technology and risk analyzes.

Are you considering:

  • A renovation or (re) construction of the OR and / or SD
  • A logistical reorganization of stocks and personnel?
  • Risk analysis and measurements within your OR, SD / SCSD
  • Attract an independent external expert to work with you to further design and implement your plans?

Alex de Block works as a Competence Expert for hospitals / clinics, but also for architects and technical consultancies. He fulfills an initiating and mediating role as project manager and intermediary. That is why he makes a valuable contribution to the design and implementation of the design and layout of the OR, SD / SCDD.

Alex de Block is trained in the practice of the OR, as technical assistant, RN and OR manager. Practical know-how , combined with the technical expertise gained in nearly 40 OR and SD / SCDD projects, guarantees a unique and strong combination in translating requirements and possibilities into innovative concepts.

Specialities: Operating Rooms, Sterilization Department, Scope Cleaning and Disinfection Department and risk analyzes.

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