Process optimization

Process optimization

In the daily practice of a hospital, we often see that a very good patient process has been described for each disease. However, in practice, this does not seem to work well in all areas and requires more than additional review and adjustment. Changes or problems can often just only be handled reactively.
Communication and the timely availability of the right information play an important role here.

The solution is simple: the process organization (working methods, procedures and protocols) requires a different structure. Not on the content, but in the form and time actions take place.
This makes it possible to implement the process optimization in a relatively short time and in such a way that your patient can basically go through his process logically, customer-friendly and without unnecessary delays and "gaps".

Before you fully schedule your the patient process, process optimization is required as it always has a direct impact on your patient's wait-, access-, and turnaround times, waiting list management, and your patient's planning and control in the process. From the first visit to treatment, care and discharge. Process optimization is your first step in a very customer-friendly process design and execution.

In order to create a good proposal and action plan that is realistic and practicable, we usually recommend piloting it within one department.
Together with you we want to realize a copiable concept for process optimization, which can also be applied to your other departments.
Throughout the process, all parties involved in the process of the department as well as the wishes of the patient / client are involved.

Lead time: We usually succeed in implementing the entire proposal for process optimization in relatively few working days (on average 6-8 days). The prerequisite is that your business controller and an internal (project) manager are available part-time. We will share all necessary knowledge and experience with them.

For an optimal result, we recommend combining process optimization with capacity management and lean work & manage.