Within the Dutch Healthcare Society, is Ron Hendricks thé partner that for many years has been specialized in making QuickScans that are unique in healthcare consultancy!
This QuickScan owes its name to the fact that your entire organization, or part of it, in collaboration with participants from your organization, is being visualized by one single consultant in a minimum of 5 - a maximum of 15 working days (depending on the organization size).
We can meet these conditions through our many years of experience, knowledge and the use of our self-developed tools and methodologies. The costs are therefore relatively low and the return on investment and potential for improvement opportunities at all times very high.

The main points of our QuickScan are: Process and planning optimization, Capacity management and -planning, Business Controlling, organization- and work structures, Strategy and building design (Your building should facilitate the working processes).

During execution, the QuickScan requires the availability of your business controller  and preferably a manager from the primary process. In addition, there are short contact moments with the managers of, among others, the nursing service, the treatment centre and HR department and also representatives from the primary process: doctors, department managers and -employees; and a representation of the works council are also recommended.

The most important part of the QuickScan is the data analysis of your performance indicators (hard parameters), after which the soft parameters, such as working methods, organizational structure, politics and culture, are mapped out through interviews and walk around tours in your organization. Through our verification session with the participants, we can formulate a final conclusion about the current state of affairs in your organization. Based on the current situation and conclusions, we formulate the potential for improvement opportunities and provide you with concrete proposals with a choice from various scenarios and step-by-step plans. In addition, we already share a lot of knowledge, information and theory during our QuickScan that may be of interest to you as a guide for the implementation of selected improvement projects and as support for your own project managers.

Our experience is also that the findings of our QuickScan always offer renewed insights with regard to new Architecture/Construction plans.

The QuickScan has a focus on your primary process, but can also be carried out on all other support servicess in your organization.

We do not work with extensive reports! All data analyzes, findings, conclusions and recommendations are processed in an extensive PowerPoint presentation (easy to convert into PDF); our goal is to present an overall picture efficiently and effectively. In addition, you can easily reuse this presentation at a later stage for further internal communication and your internal projectmanagers.