« Do we really have a shortage of staff?»

Published on 10-01-2019

In the Bibliomedmanager of 8 January 2019 it was published that Germany has very large shortages of personnel in the healthcare sector; our question: "How do you ensure that the patient, the capacity and the personnel at every stage of your patient process are available at the right time?"

A large part of these problems can be solved relatively quickly or ultimately eliminated. Based on years of experience in capacity / resource planning (1992), with proven results, it is possible to immediately reduce this shortage. It is possible with integrated planning:

The PCP Planning (Patient - Capacities - Personnel) delivers You the solution: to optimize your performance and reduce costs. It always has a favorable effect on your business continuity, customer satisfaction / patients and employees. In addition, it offers you the possibility to apply your standardization, job differentiation and division of services, working hours and employees at department level, based on the "facts and figures".

The new PCP plans also fit within the strategy and policy of: good employer, management in control and the strategic choice: "to be an attractive hospital for patients and employees": good employment practices, guaranteed assurance of labor laws, long-term planning; preferably with a one-year-hours system (our specialty) improving the work-life-balance self-planning and management of your employee-correct budgeting and reduction of the personnel costs and / or reduction of the workload, Reduction of absenteeism, Flexibility in case of replacement of illness without additional costs, structural reduction of overtime, a limited maximum flexibility of your employees of approx. 3% per employee on an annual basis Business continuity better guaranteed.

Programmed results are: reduction of labor input in the first year 7-9% reduction from the second year 9 -11%, often we see up to 50% less absenteeism within two years.

"If PCP the planning of the labor force is introduced and reduces the needed Staff  with  9%, without lowering the standard, this means then that Germany would make free about 95,000 employees and used to clear the current shortage of approx. 40,000 employees in the care sector: In principle, there is no shortage of nurses"   (*)

* Note: The Netherlands, Switzerland and Western Europe currently have similar problems. If you would like more information, please contact us.