Mindset Masterclass

Mindset Masterclass

Does your organization need innovation and do you have wishes or already have concrete plans in the field of:

Or improving:

Or reducing:

  • Staff shortage
  • Absenteeism
  • Staff Flexibility
  • Overtime
  • Waiting and access times for your patient
  • Number of Emergency patients

In short, if you have new construction plans and / or do you want to be an attractive and (financially) healthy organization for patients and staff, then we can offer you knowledge and insights in all these areas on the basis of theoretical and practical examples, and show you concrete opportunities and possibilities.

We offer a 2-day "Mindset Masterclass" program for a representation of your organization.
The group, with a maximum of 15 to 20 people, preferably consists of members from: management, HR, operational managers, employees, and (sometimes also) Works Council.


The Mindset Masterclass takes place at the Zuyderland hospital in Sittard (NL); if desired, we also have the option of performing this at Waldkliniken, Eisenberg, (D), a university orthopedic clinic in the state of Thuringen. An overnight stay can be arranged for you in the beautiful city of Maastricht, in Germany in a hotel in the beautiful rural surroundings of Eisenberg.

On the first day you will receive a detailed explanation and examples of a progressive and successful development of building and organization. At the end of the day a mini-workshop is organized around the collected ideas and wishes of the participants.

The second day at first a brief retrospective on day 1 is presented, followed by four workshops that lead to the realization and prioritization of all wishes and ideas that according to your participants can be realized within your organization.
Quick wins with priorities are also defined for you in these workshops.


  • To present other, new and creative views and philosophies, and to initiate commonality
  • concretising the potential of possibilities for your organization that are vital for the implementation of your strategy, policy and new construction plans.

Note: The Mindset Masterclass days can, if desired, also take place in your organization. Our highly experienced  consultant will then challenge you and your employees to think "out-of-the-box" with ideas, theories and proven concepts that are feasible for your organization.