Capacity Management

Capacity management or: Resources management and planning

If you want to implement capacity management and planning integrally and achieve a high profit in return, most available IT tools are "just" supportive.
Capacity management is, so to speak: "a new way of life", a business philosophy that requires:  

  • Preparation through research: data analyzes and planning analyzes
  • Evaluation and updating of the allocated resources
  • Evaluation and review of your patient process
  • Recalibration of your staff standardization
  • Designing a new "patient-capacity-personnel" planning
  • An implementation plan
  • Updating your Business Controlling- and monitoring cycle
  • A communication and information plan

In fact, the introduction of integral capacity management is a complete reassessment of your organization that ultimately leads to performance optimization and a lasting cost reduction.
Organizational changes are necessary, but these can be implemented relatively quickly because they are implemented by form, time and place, and not by the content of your current processes in the primary and planning process.
Culture, politics and resistance must be taken into account when implementing the Capacity Management business philosophy. Thorough preparation with regard to an implementation plan and strategy is certainly recommended.

Based on data analyzes, the Dutch Healthcare Society has developed a successful program to enable the design of your Capacity Management and its implementation to be successful.

The proven average return on our approach (since 1996) is very high:

  • > 9% release of staff* with which you can make other choices: less staff shortage, reduce workload, shorten waiting and access times, treat more patients, extra capacity for internal projects or overall savings.
  • > 11% -20% lasting Capacity saving*, depending on which business unit is involved in the primary process (excluding the spin-off effects in terms of cost reduction).

        *NOTE: * these returns apply with an approximately comparable range of patients.

Our proven approach has also become a successful model to achieve the following within budgetary frameworks:

  • Increasing your staff norm
  • Reduction of personnel shortages
  • Reduction of capacity
  • Patients process optimization and lead time shortening
  • Waiting and access times shortened
  • Reduction of emergency Patients
  • Increase in patient and employee satisfaction
  • Business is better "in control"
  • Impressive reduction in buildingcosts with new construction plans

IMPORTANT: With integrated planning of patient, capacity and staff, these three are inextricably linked to one another. Capacity management is a strategic choice of your organization to achieve performance increase and cost reduction. It requires some organizational adjustments, but can be introduced in almost all cases within budget to permanently save costs and improve your performance.

To systematically prepare and start this entire process, it takes around 30 consultant days, depending on the size of your organization.
If you choose to implement Capacity Management and Planning, then also consider offering your employees the Mindset Masterclass! Our experience is that this experience increases the involvement and the enthusiasm of your employees. This is essential for a successful implementation!

We also offer the possibility to train your employees in this area.

Latest news:

Our Society Expert Ron Hendricks Mha (D4DACH) is currently working with AGFA Healthcare GmbH to develop a unique tool for capacity management and planning.