About us

Dutch Healthcare Society B.V. was founded in 2016 by Ron Hendricks Mha and Jacqueline de Geest. After having worked for decades in several hospitals at both tactical and strategic level, and always focused on optimization, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the switch was made to consultancy in 2012 under the name D4DACH. In the meantime, a very extensive and international network has been built up, consisting of hospitals, (care) institutions, suppliers and many experts in various fields.

Dutch Healthcare Society brings these parties together! Our members are the experts: Society Experts and Competence Experts. All experts have years of practical experience and a proven track record. As independent consultants, they offer their services and endorse the key words that the Dutch Healthcare Society stands for: pragmatism, uniqueness and a no-nonsense-mentality.

Dutch Healthcare Society wants to share knowledge and experiences with you and support and guide you in order to change in a forward-looking way, to be attractive for your patients/clients and employees, and to prove with you that it is possible!