Circle of 5

Circle of 5

The circle of 5 is a consultancy tool and method that helps you quickly get an idea and insight about your new construction plans, the circle of 5 classifies all vital points of interest that are important for new construction, renovation plans, process re-design, layout requirements and space programs.

The circle of 5 also offers you the opportunity to make an inventory of all the wishes and ideas of your employees and to make them concrete and test them for feasibility.

This (on-line) tool offers you a complete, concrete and visualized inventory of your new construction plans that is needed for your assignment formulation for architects for example for a feasibility study and / or design of your new building. The Circle of 5 increases your required input, both quantitatively and qualitatively, that is necessary for architectural firms. The tool significantly reduces the number of building/ construction meetings and saves months of time and therefore money in the preparatory period.

Important: the tool currently functions as a "paper method" and even then there is a significant gain in time and quality. The digital version is currently being developed with 2 other partners, an architectural firm and a software developer; we are still looking for launching customers for our tests.

If you are interested in the method, or to participate in testing the new digital tool, please contact us via the contact form or make an appointment by telephone.