How do you ensure that Patient, Capacity and Personnel are available at the right time in every phase of your patient process?
Our experience is that integrated planning with our PCP-planningsphilosophy offers you the proven solution for performance optimization and a lasting cost reduction. In addition, it has a very positive effect on client/patient and employee satisfaction. PCP planning offers you optimally performing your standardization, job differentiation and budget allocation of personnel. Unambiguous, and based on facts and figures.

Not only all parties involved in the process of the department are included in the entire process, but also patient wishes and demands.

In order to be able to make a good proposal and plan of action for a feasible PCP planning, we usually advise to carry out a pilot within one department. Your process group will first look at the process phases. Subsequently, the planning of patients, capacities and personnel is mapped per phase with the help of our PCP-Tool and we make a feasible concept planning that is also input to monitor and control the results of the new integrated planning.

The lead time is limited and requires approximately 20-25 consultant-days from our side. During all preparatory work, we work closely with Business Controlling and personnel planners from your organization, and share all required knowledge. In addition, some of your managers and head nurses involved are required in short contact moments.

Latest news: In collaboration with Agfa Healthcare GmbH / TIP Hce we are currently building the plug-in tool "PCP". When available, we will announce this in our newsitems!

See also our news item from BibliomedManager (D) January 8, 2019, with the conclusion for the German market: "If PCP planning reduces personnel costs by 9% without lowering standards, this can free up around 95,000 employees and then Germany will have no more staff shortages!