Business Controlling

Business Controlling

Business controlling and monitoring is critical to any business to ensure healthy business operations.
The most important prerequisites for Business Controlling are:

  • reliable and complete data
  • the right key figures and factual information from and with the right connections and influencing factors need to be know
  • the well thought out and executed processes are well structured and can be monitored in the controlling cycle
  • unambiguous communication and information
  • your data are:
    • visualized
    • independent (in: time, place and devices)
    • 100% automated ("real time")
    • understandable and applicable to every level of your organization

    Our methods and new technologies (2019) offer you:

    • forecasting / trend analysis
    • integral production plan design: patients - capacities - staff (PCP)
    • scenario schedules
    • problem Identification
    • troubleshooting
    • artificial intelligence (smart automated calculations)
    • root cause analysis
    • Internal and external benchmarking

    All this gives you instant insights into the actual performance of your business.

    Our experience with our customers is that optimizing your business controlling is always the key to optimizing performance and lowering costs.

    We can initially improve your business controlling and monitoring with your existing systems by optimizing the working methods, the organization form, the monitoring levels, the procedures to be followed and the layout of the reports.

    Latest News: The Dutch Healthcare Society Expert: Ron Hendricks Mha, has methodically developed this method of business controlling and is currently building this as an IT program in cooperation with AGFA Healthcare Bonn as an extension module for the AGFA-TIP-HCe. This automated business controlling system optimally controls and monitors your performance and makes your organization more successful.