Personnel Planning

Personnel planning

Do you recognize a number of the following core problems with regard to personnel planning in your organization:

  • insufficient uniformity of plans within your organization
  • relatively: many short-term schedules
  • no guarantee for error-free implementation of the Working Hours Act
  • planning is not professional, and many manual (not error-free) planning
  • healthy planning and a good balance between work and private life cannot be taken for granted
  • the deployment of human hours is not in balance with work pressure
  • frequent ad hoc control and adjustment
  • absenteeism is (too) high and replacing illness is not easy
  • you incur high costs for expensive (external) replacement or through extra overtime work
  • your employees have (too) many wishes
  • experienced too high workload by your employees
  • insufficient balance between patient supply and staff
  • control over the reduction of overtime is a recurring problem
  • your schedule statute is no longer up-to-date
  • etc. etc.

All these problems can be solved relatively quickly and even eliminated permanently. Based on many years of experience with personnel planning (since 1992) and with proven results, we can work with you to draw up and implement an improvement plan in which our methods include:

  • Being a good employer
  • Embedding of labor laws and Union rules
  • Long term planning; preferably with annual timetable system (our specialty!)
  • Increase in remuneration percentage for employee wishes: better balance between work and private life
  • Self-planning by your employees
  • Review of the standardization and job differentiation based on data
  • Reduction of personnel costs and / or reduction of work pressure
  • Reduction in sickness absence
  • Flex deployment and replacement in the event of illness without additional costs
  • Structural reduction in overtime build-up
  • Improve your business continuity

Proven achievable results (with the same patient numbers) are:

  • Personnel hours reduction from the first year 7-9%
  • Personnel hours reduction from the second year 9-11%
  • Maximum flexibility for your staff 3% per employee on an annual basis
  • Within two years a 50% reduction in absenteeism is achievable

In order to be able to make a good plan of action for you, it takes on average 15-18 days for one of our experienced Personell Planning Experts. During this time, a Business Controlling and Human Resources employee must be fully available. During the preparation we will occasionally involve your operational managers. All required knowledge and theories are immediately shared with you. 

Our practice has shown that after this period the consultant needs to be consulted for a very limited time during the final implementation.

In addition to optimize your personnel planning, it is recommended to also consider implementation of capacity management; achieving a high return (also financially) then increases exponentially!

In practice, it has proven to be effective to start the process of optimizing your personnel planning with a 2-day "Master Class Personnel Planning" for all directly involved employees of: Planning, HR, Management and Works Council. All facets are covered during this Masterclass; we discuss the theories and, based on practical examples, we show that the new way of planning is also possible in your organization. We also map all necessary preparations.

The Dutch Healthcare Society also has experience with automated planning and can, if desired, issue specific advice in the field of high-quality IT planning programs.