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Ron Hendricks member of Dutch Healthcare Society, in the last 2o years he has developed various ways of thinking and calculation methods for business controlling and has since applied them in more than> 500 cases; he is currently working closely with Agfa Healthcare in Bonn on the development of a digital PCP tool and Capacity / Business Controlling monitor.
Both tools are intended to steer your business easier and faster, but also to realize realistic and feasible budgets and schedules with your Patients, Capacities and Personnel.

AGFA-TIP HCE already has a very up-to-date monitor available that automatically sorts and visualizes all required data, with the addition of a PCP tool and Capacity Management you not only have a very good business monitor, but also a monitor that generates: production planning, Budget Controlling, forecasting , trend analyzes, problem detection and problem solution proposals, making an organization better "in control" and shifting from reactive management to proactive management.
The entire module is developed vendor-neutral so that it is compatible with other systems

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