With Architecture/Construction many things will be addressed to you and your organization at the same time. In addition, many parties are involved who all look at your new building plans from a different perspective. Architecture/Construction plans are always a complex set of matters to gain insights and clarity in its total size. Without experienced external experts with knowledge of: Architecture/construction and Healthcare, it is almost impossible to map out and manage these types of mega projects.

Our approach always has an effect on process optimization, quality improvement as well as reduction of construction costs.

Before designing a building, it is important to explore the following points and determine starting points and points of view on:

  • Who is your actual customer and what is the customer perspective?
  • What is your actual and desirable core business, and what do you wish to outsource?
  • Government policy with regard to future legislation and regulations
  • Process optimization through process re-design: this provides you with the correct insights for which the building serves and must comply.
  • Capacity management: this provides you with new insights on how much you actually need in rooms (space program) and staff.
  • Organizational and work structures: gives you insight into your personnel needs and the required infrastructure.
  • Future medical-technological developments.
  • Explore all possible existing and proven applications and methods from other industries such as hotel, car industry, airport: the added value and application possibilities are impressive in many cases.
  • Use new (technical) options: online booking, robot logistics, Health home automation, "open-office concept", unit structures.

This can help you to provide sufficient insight in phase 0 what your actual plan of requirements for the design of the building should be, before you actually have your building designed.

Our motto: first optimize your processes, organization and design a customer-oriented or product-oriented process, after that: develop and build your building around it. In addition, specify criteria against which you can test the design:

  • Attractive for patients and employees
  • Future-proof: Maximum flexibility and application possibilities through modular design, high-quality standardization and construction
  • Maximum paperless
  • All functions that IT can take over are automated
  • Separate all logistics routes
  • Hospitality and Healing Environment

Our experience is that in connection with performing a QuickScan, you can save considerably on the costs for your new construction. 

Dutch Healthcare Society has developed a modular program for Architecture/construction:

  • Module 0: Mindset Masterclass: New way of thinking, working and building
  • Module 1: QuickScan: translation of current situation into future possibilities
  • Module 2: Strategic plan and planning: inventory of all activities and points for attention
  • Module 3: Feasibility study: initial designs and possibilities
  • Module 4: Final choices and designs: final input for design
  • Module 5: Project assignment and supervision: Milestone program
  • Module 6: Construction and construction supervision
  • Module 7: Relocation and commissioning: preparatory work for a successful start and final finalization.

The big advantage is that every module forms a defined whole and there is a decision moment for you after completion of each module. If desired, modules can also be executed separately, without further obligations. For example: you have received the first proposals and designs from your architect and would like an objective review. We test the effects of the design on your intended processes and methods: process - organization method - building design must support and reinforce each other.

We advise you to consider the Mindset Masterclass and our QuickScan when planning new construction plans; they are very affordable and provide you with a good starting position in your new-build project.

Our Architecture/construction modular method is currently being developed in collaboration with 2 other parties as a digital tool with the aim of providing a quick and complete overview of all aspects of the new construction in one overview. See also our news item: our (new) construction tool "Circle of 5", which is expected to be available from the end of 2019!

We can offer you support in many ways with your new construction plans. Contact us without obligation.